Sydney food tour – with a personal touch and a dose of culture 

Eat, order and shop like a local insider!

Are you an intrepid traveller wanting to venture beyond Sydney’s usual tourist traps?  Maybe you’re cruising to Sydney and looking for a shore excursion with a difference.  Perhaps you’re an adventurous foodie who lives in Sydney.  Or you could even be that lucky person tearing your hair out, trying to organise a corporate event with a difference.

Whoever you are, you’ll make happy discoveries and learn great kitchen tricks on a food safari with Feasting in the Know.

One-minute introductory videos:

I am available for

…a culturally and gastronomically eye-opening private-group food tour in Burwood, New South Wales.

Video on Feasting in the Know for travellers to Sydney (less than 1½ minutes):


When you go on a Grazing Adventure, you will discover:

(a) my Secret Weapons for the Kitchen; and

(b) which eateries in the area serve The-Real-Deal Food, and each eatery’s specialties.  Because it’s impossible to cook every dish with equal finesse when one has 60 items on the menu.

For more details, see the Products page.

My overriding philosophy

In all my offerings, I aim to:

~ show you authentic cuisine;

~ share my local expertise on the best eateries;

~ give a light-hearted dose of culture, to complete your experience of certain cuisines;

~ dish out shopping tips at grocery shops for a tasty, economical mid-week dinner or a party (these make great visiting gifts too); and

~ where possible, support local family businesses that produce top-quality food.  My final focus is on the food.  So an eatery with top-quality food which happens to be a franchise may still make it into my list.